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Global team

Based in Taranaki, New Zealand, Precisio is dedicated to developing professional looking layouts across the globe.

We use our years of experience and a team of professionals to typeset documents from scratch. Customer service is first and foremost to us and we pride ourselves on getting things done in good time and communicating the right message.

Lizelle and Rachael are the ladies to talk to – here’s a little bit about them.



Director &
Desktop Publishing Expert

Lizelle started her journey in the Desktop Publishing field in 1998, where she fell in love with Macs and, combining her love for books, made it a perfect match.

“I am passionate about my clients and projects. I pride myself in being flexible and willing to work with my client’s deadlines where possible. I work with clients to make sure we understand what type of layouts are required and address the details before the layout is started. With a birds-eye-view, I make sure the process runs smoothly. I speak Afrikaans, English and Dutch, which makes me versatile to communicate with across borders.”



Graphic Designer, Desktop 
Publisher and Photographer

Rachael loves creating beautiful documents and has always known that her life wouldn’t be complete if she couldn’t cave in to her creativity to capture and beautify the world around her.

“I love all things creative, but also the problem solving that goes behind creativity – finding structure in the chaos. There are rules and reasons as to how things look right and how they can (very easily) look wrong. I love the challenge of experimenting with these rules to come up with the very best solution for our clients.“

Loyal Team Supporters

In order for us to function optimally. Our family has joined in to make sure our Team is taken care of while working on project deadlines. They are there for us when we work long hours into the night (comes with the territory of working across timezones) and making sure we fuel our bodies correctly and receive emotional support.

A special “Thank you” goes to Charmain and Bret.